What 2018 Looks Like For Me…

Every year I make goals and resolutions. And every year, I don’t even come close to meeting my unrealistic goals and expectations (I’m talking to you goal of losing 30 pounds)! This year I am looking at things very differently. Read on to see what 2018 looks like for me and why my whole outlook has changed! 

I still have goals, a lot of them in fact, but it’s like I have suddenly realized who I want to be and how I am going to get there this year. Instead of giant, unrealistic goals, I have decided I just want to work each and every day on becoming the person I want to be.

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Thrive Life Gift Guide and {New} December Goodness!

The holidays are quickly approaching! Check out some new Thrive Life products rolling out this month and get some ideas for awesome gifts for everyone on your list!

Not Your Momma’s Box of Chocolates…

Yeah… these chocolates look delicious! Talk about the perfect gift for neighbors or teachers this month! You are going to want to snag a box of these delectable chocolates ASAP.

And… we’re not done yet… click the links below for some other new products and great gift ideas!

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New Products, Yummy Frosting, and My Business…

So many exciting changes, so little time! Thrive has a ton of new products, and I want to talk about the perfect way to frost those Holiday sugar cookies!

I love pulverizing our berries and adding the healthy berry powder to chocolate or frosting to make naturally-colored spreads. The options are endless, but my personal favorite is blackberry cream cheese frosting on sugar cookies.

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Creamy Dreamy Chocolate-Banana Protein Shake

Are your smoothies and shakes lacking creaminess? Are you looking for the perfect morning, or pre-workout protein shake? Look no further! Today we are talking about freeze-dried bananas and why I love them so much. Keep reading to see how these crunchy bananas have revolutionized my morning breakfast routine, and get the recipe for the chocolate protein shake I drink every single morning. 

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New Snackies. New Look. New Preferred Customer Free Shipping.

OK…I have SO much to tell you guys! Strap yourselves in because a lot is changing. Think: new Thrive Life website, free shipping on all “preferred items,” a meal kit delivery system, and so much more.

Thrive Life Cranberry Crunch

New Snackies. Nothin’ Wrong With That!

I tried both of the new Snackies at convention last week. Yum! I love the Harvarti Cheese and you just can’t go wrong with almonds, coconut and cranberry. Seriously, the Cranberry Crunch is SO good. We just ate it for our afternoon snack today.

Everything is Changing!

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12 of My Very Favorite Things {And Why I Love Them}

There are things in life that just make me happy. Things that I love. Things that make my day, week, year, or life better. Check out this post to see 12 of my most favorite things EVER, and why I love them so much. 

12 of my favorite things and why I love them

When you find something you love and it stands the test of time, it needs to be shared! I love gift guides and product reviews, so I thought I would do one of my own. This list of my favorite things all in one place makes me really, really happy. Read more

Sole Hope & Hope’s Door {And a Big Thank You!}

Because of YOU, my loyal customers who have been with me from the beginning, AND all of my new customers, me and my boys were able to donate to some pretty awesome causes this month!

First off, I just want to say thank you! My boys and I found 2 places that we really wanted to donate to/help at the beginning of the year (more info below). We were still quite a bit below what we wanted to fund-raise at the beginning of the month, so I told the boys I would contribute 10% of my Thrive sales this month to help us reach our goal. We were able to raise the last of our funds during the sale! So thank you, thank you, thank you.

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