10 Reasons to Become a Thrive Life Consultant

Have you ever considered consulting for Thrive Life? Even if you haven’t, this top-10 list will convince you that you SHOULD have been thinking about becoming a consultant! 

10 reasons to consult for Thrive Life

Top 10 reasons to start consulting today!

I love being a Thrive Life consultant, and over the past year I have narrowed it down to the top 10 reasons that I think every single person who loves Thrive should become a consultant.

By now you should know I am a visual learner! If you want to watch this post in a 2-minute nutshell, go right ahead! Just click the pic.

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Number 1: Free Groceries. Yes. Free.

There is no catch here. Your first 100 days as a consultant you have the chance to earn over $600 in free product and gifts as you build your business. Anyone can do it. I love the Fast Track program so much! It really helped me build my personal home store. After your first 100 days you continue to earn free and 1/2 off product every time you host. Fast Track Program 2016

Number 2: Everyone Eats

Food is a great industry to be involved in because everyone eats. Everyone! So who is interested in our high-quality, convenienthealthy food? Um, yeah, just about everyone. I love that when I sell Thrive Life to someone they are getting something they need, not just want.


Number 3: Your Business

The great thing about consulting is that you get to choose the level you want to work your business. You are your own boss. Do you want to make career-like income? You can do that. Do you want to be your family and friends go-to Thrive person? Great. You can do that as well. Do you need some time off for a surgery or family event. Great. You can do that too.

Number 4: Get the Best Deal Possible

As a consultant you can be ensured that you are always getting the best deals possible on the food. You get the perks of the Q-Club, you get the cheapest price on product, and you get commission back on your purchases, which essentially gives you even more of a discount. I love a good deal. Doesn’t everyone?

Number 5: Commission

I love what I do, and the fact that I get to share Thrive with others and earn commission while I am doing it. Well, that’s just plain awesome. We have a great commission plan. There are not many people who would decline an extra $200 a month, and that is VERY doable to earn. The sky is the limit with the commission plan.

Thrive Life Commission

Number 6: Flexibility

I love being able to stay home with my kids. With Thrive I get to be home with them during the day. I choose when I do my events and parties. I LOVE staying home with them, but I also love having some evenings out of the house to do Thrive. You can’t beat the flexibility.

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Number 7: Build an Awesome Home Store

I don’t like to play favorites, but I simply have to. When I get on the home store topic, I just get really excited. The whole time you are helping customers build their home store through the Q, you  are building your OWN home store as well. There is nothing better than stocking the shelves of your home store and having these awesome, convenient groceries on hand to use daily, or in your food storage for an emergency.


Number 8: Fantasy Getaway Trips

I love vacations. I especially love vacations that are all-expense paid.

“There’s a consultant contest each year that gives you chances to win trips to exotic destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica, or the Caribbean!”

So how about joining me next year?parrot-los-cabos-photos-2

Number 9: Training and Support

You have training and support the moment you sign up to be a consultant. You absolutely don’t have to go it alone. You get me, your upline, to help you out!  And, I am pretty good at it :). I will take you through a quick 6-video training process called Getting Started the week you purchase your kit. Getting started will help you feel confident and ready to do your first party. I will be there for your first 100 days of Fast Track and beyond to be your biggest cheerleader and support system, and help you reach your goals.

Number 10: The Company is Amazing

I love Thrive Life. The executives. Convention. The other consultants. And, the entire premise of what Thrive is trying to do, which is make the mealtime experience an awesome experience through healthy, convenient, and delicious food. It is a food revolution that I stand behind 100%. All it takes is one corporate event and you are hooked. New-Logo-Circle

So purchase your kit and let’s get going!

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