Specials, Sleek new Labels, and New products!

The Thrive Life labels are getting a sleek new makeover, we just launched some awesome products with the new freeze-dryers, and the August Specials are here! 

New Thrive Life Products

Have you ever seen this on a label in the store, “New look. Same great taste.” That is KIND of what is happening at Thrive Life. I say kind of, because we are getting sleek new labels on all of our products, but it’s not going to be the same great taste, it’s going to be better! The new freeze-dryers at the facility are making our already great tasting products even BETTER. I have been blown away by the quality of the foods coming off of the dryers.

Brand New Thrive Life Products!

The other exciting news is that some brand new products have been launched! Check out this page to see all of the new products. I am loving the Snackies Singles. The Pulled Pork, Kale, and new Snackies flavors are all amazing. Hello Very Berry Parfait. Yes, you will be in my son’s lunchbox this school year. 2016-Convention-New-Product-Flyer-page-001 2016-Convention-New-Product-Flyer-page-002 2016-Convention-New-Product-Flyer-page-003

And lastly. The August Specials are in! You simply cannot go wrong with chocolate dipped freeze-dried strawberries. The mangoes are a killer deal for Q-club members. And the scrambled egg mix and seasoned chicken slices are staples in my house. This is a great month. I am so excited about the positive changes!

August Specials

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