How to build and use your food storage {Part Two}

Now that you know WHY you should have food storage, today’s focus is HOW to build the perfect food storage for your family and why you should be using it. 

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Food storage is not one-size-fits-all, so build what works for you…

All of our families are different. Whether it’s just you, you and your spouse, you have 1 kid,10 kids, or anything in between, what you are going to need for your family will be unique. The first thing you need to do when you start this journey of food storage is decide what your family likes and how you want to go about getting it. You want to get foods that you would actually eat and even ENJOY if were relying on your food storage. So get ready to stock up on strawberries (if your family loves them), sausage crumbles (yes, please). You get to customize your own food storage experience, and to me, that’s kind of exciting!

Build your supply monthly with the Q

The Q is all about customization. Thrive Life Q ExplanationEach month you decide what goes in your Q, so you can slowly build up your food storage after you’ve mapped out what you want. I keep an Excel sheet of my food storage to keep me organized. It is nothing fancy, but it is a great way to keep track of what Thrive foods I have and what I still need for my family. As you get your Q shipment each month, update your own spreadsheet to stay organized.

 Build your supply with a one-time purchase

If the thought of customizing stresses you out, but you want to get your food storage supply built up, a long-term package is the solution for you. Thrive offers a ton of great long-term packages for various family sizes and needs. If you want a complete list of the long-term supply package deals, shoot me an e-mail at and I will send you a PDF of all of the long-term package deals. (Click on the picture for a few of the options.) build your food storage with a one-time purchase

Use and rotate your food storage

I always tell people that if you learn how to cook with your food storage now and keep it rotated, you won’t even miss a beat if there is a time you need to use it. I know too many people who buy food storage and let it sit for 30 years (mom) and then it goes bad. Keeping it rotated and continually using it is smart on so many levels.

What drew me to Thrive is how I can use the products for food storage and groceries. I LOVE that. I have saved myself from countless last-minute grocery runs because I already have that ingredient in my “Thrive Home-Store,” aka, my pantry. Here is just one example of how I used Thrive this past week in my cooking. There are so many other recipe ideas available. Thrive is not your momma’s food storage if you know what I am saying. It’s not just wheat and beans and oats (although we have those too), it is healthy, fresh foods that we eat now, in shelf-stable form!

Handy food storage tools

If you want to calculate out exactly how much you need for your family for 3 months, or even a year, there are countless awesome resources online. As mentioned above, my simple Excel Tracking sheet is a good way to keep it all organized as well.

Food Storage Series Part Two


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