Cooking with Thrive Life

Can you imagine cutting your meal prep time in half, without sacrificing taste or health? Thrive Life can help you with that!

The Taste of Thrive Intro Pack is the BEST place to start.

1 box. $100. 7 Incredible recipes. Did you watch the video? If so, you can see how excited I am about the new Taste of Thrive Intro Pack. The reason I love it so much is it teaches you, the consumer, how to cook with Thrive Life foods and make dinner faster, healthier, and more convenient, without sacrificing taste or nutrients. Thrive really is “convenience” cooking at it’s finest. I cook with Thrive all of the time, but it’s harder to teach all of my customers the benefit of doing the same. I wish I could come to each of your kitchen’s and cook a Thrive-inspired meal for you, but since I can’t, this post will have to work!

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Snack. Throw and Go. Refresh. Thrivalize. {4 ways to Thrive}

Check out this post for 4 great ways to cook with, and use Thrive products. Snack. Throw and go. Refresh. And Thrivalize! 


Do you view Thrive Life products as food storage, groceries, or a little of both? When I very first started ordering Thrive products it was 100% for food storage, but after I started using it in my cooking that definitely changed. Read more

Freeze-Dried Fruit Dipped Monster Krispies

See you later food coloring! You will never go back after you make these cute, easy treats. Freeze-dried fruit colors the chocolate naturally, and adds the perfect fruity flavor!

freeze dried fruit natural food coloring

Freeze-dried fruit does it again! I just never get tired of it. I love how freeze-dried fruit naturally flavors frosting’s and chocolate, as evidenced in this recipe. I also love how well freeze-dried fruits work in baking, as evidenced in this recipe. And heck, they are just so darn quick and easy to throw into smoothies as well. Freeze-dried fruits are one of the most versatile things I have in my pantry. I use them. All. The. Time. And obviously not just to eat straight out of the can, which I do as well.

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10 Reasons to Become a Thrive Life Consultant

Have you ever considered consulting for Thrive Life? Even if you haven’t, this top-10 list will convince you that you SHOULD have been thinking about becoming a consultant! 

10 reasons to consult for Thrive Life

Top 10 reasons to start consulting today!

I love being a Thrive Life consultant, and over the past year I have narrowed it down to the top 10 reasons that I think every single person who loves Thrive should become a consultant.

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Healthy, Time Saving, and Fresh…

Do you ever get tired of throwing out produce that has gone bad? Do you feel like you spend half of your life in the kitchen? I feel like Thrive has helped me waste less, save time, and eat healthy! 

fresh versus Thrive peaches

There are not many foods that can claim to be healthy and time-saving in the same breath!

I just taped a fun video with a few of the awesome boys in my life. I feel like kids explain things in the cutest way! Just watch it. It is so cute. They give their version of health. What mom’s spend all of their time doing. And what they WANT their mom’s to be doing. I taped the video because I love the fact that Thrive Life CAN claim to be healthy and time-saving in the same breath.

Screenshot (25)

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