Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Chicken Enchilada Soup {Thrivalized}

This chicken enchilada soup has been our favorite soup for many, many soup seasons. With a creamy vegetable base, and yummy Mexican flavors, you cannot go wrong! Especially when Thrive ingredients make it so simple and easy. 

A Little Preface…

I consider myself quite lucky because I have not only one, but TWO jobs that I love involving food (my favorite thing) that I get to do every day. Before I started selling Thrive, I was already working for my sister over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I had tested, cooked, and eaten hundreds of her recipes, just never with Thrive ingredients. I still continue to test, cook, and eat hundreds of her recipes, but now I frequently take my favorites, like this Chicken Enchilada Soup, and make them slightly easier by subbing Thrive ingredients.

Click the picture below to get Mel’s recipe, but wait!… Don’t forget to read the rest of the post before you start cooking. (Photo Credit: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

What’s so great about this soup?

This soup. This soup is delicious. This soup is pretty darn healthy. This soup feeds an army. This soup speaks to my soul. For many years when I made it, I peeled, seeded, and diced a pain-in-the-buns butternut squash, cut up potatoes and peppers and onions, and used canned chilies and tomato sauce. No more! Now I am able to enjoy this soup in half the time using a few simple Thrive swaps. Did you watch the video? If you didn’t, scroll back on up and watch it. Next we are going to talk about how to “Thrivalize” a recipe, which is exactly what the video shows!

What does it mean to Thrivalize a recipe?

When you look at the ingredients for this soup on Mel’s site. Almost every single ingredients could be Thrive. Does this mean that I used 100% Thrive to make this? Nope. I had some peppers in my fridge on their last leg that needed to be used, so instead of using my Thrive Red Bell Peppers, I used my fresh ones. I also could have used Thrive Seasoned Chicken Slices, but I had just cooked a giant batch of chicken in my Instant Pot, so I used that instead.

Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers vs. fresh

However, I did NOT feel like cubing up a butternut squash or dicing potatoes, so in to the pot went my Thrive Squash, and Thrive Diced Potatoes.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I tell people to “Thrivalize” their favorite recipes. It doesn’t mean you have to convert to using Thrive 100% and never go to the store for fresh ingredients again. But it sure as heck is nice to be able to pull things like peppers and squash out of your pantry, have all of the work done for you, get all of the same health benefits, and not have them go bad in your fridge. Do you get it?! Do you see the ingenuity here? I wish every single person had a pantry full of Thrive to experience the gloriousness of this “Thrivalizing” idea.

Thrive Life Tomato PowderI rarely buy canned tomato anything anymore. I use my Tomato Powder for just about everything tomato related. I like that I can make it the consistency I want, and add the seasonings I want. No salt or added anything in this baby. 

Where do I start?

First, think of things that you would love to start subbing in your recipes. What always goes bad? What would save you time? That is a good base of things you could start adding to your Q each month. Make a list, and start your Q. The Q is your online Thrive Life grocery store. It makes it so simple to get your favorite Thrive groceries delivered to your door each month with the budget and ship date you choose.

Thrive Life Q Steps

One last plug…

I decided an immersion blender is absolutely essential for this soup. Funny enough, I borrowed this one from Mel to make the soup because I keep putting off buying one myself. I used to blend up this soup in batches in my Ninja. Never again! That immersion blender was slick. I will definitely be ordering one of those very, very soon.

Now go and make yourself some soup! Or find another recipe to Thrivalize!

Thrive Life Chicken Broth

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