Chicken Pot Pie in a Jar

Chicken Pot Pie Pinterest Photo

Oh how I love this meal! There have been countless times I have taken a meal into a new mom or friend in times of need, and have realized that they have already been inundated with meals that week! Sometimes they want and need something that they can have on hand and cook a few weeks later.

This pot pie is the perfect solution. You take them the Chicken Pot Pie Jar Meal and a pie crust, and they have a meal ready to go in the next few months when they don’t feel like cooking! The jars could not be simpler to put together, and the meal itself is a snap to cook up.

Pot Pie Recipe Card

Here is a cutie little label to slap on the front of the jar!

Pot Pie Label

Once again, I feel like freeze-dried saves the day. It is so nice to have vegetables on hand that are not going to go bad and that can be stored at room temperature.

This is an easy jar meal to make in bulk. Just line up your jars and get filling. Then you have an easy grab-and-go meal to take in to someone in need.

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