Cooking with Thrive Life

Can you imagine cutting your meal prep time in half, without sacrificing taste or health? Thrive Life can help you with that!

The Taste of Thrive Intro Pack is the BEST place to start.

1 box. $100. 7 Incredible recipes. Did you watch the video? If so, you can see how excited I am about the new Taste of Thrive Intro Pack. The reason I love it so much is it teaches you, the consumer, how to cook with Thrive Life foods and make dinner faster, healthier, and more convenient, without sacrificing taste or nutrients. Thrive really is “convenience” cooking at it’s finest. I cook with Thrive all of the time, but it’s harder to teach all of my customers the benefit of doing the same. I wish I could come to each of your kitchen’s and cook a Thrive-inspired meal for you, but since I can’t, this post will have to work!

Taste of Thrive Pack Fajitas

Thrive Life is more than food storage!

When I first signed up to consult 2 years ago it was solely to build up my food storage. I remember the first time I grabbed a can of Thrive to use it in a meal. I had run out of bell peppers, so I opened a can of my red bell peppers and threw them in the soup I was making. Life-changing moment…. I knew I could never go back.

It saves SO much time when you use Thrive. Just tonight I made stir fry for dinner and I threw in Thrive Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Green Onions, Broccoli, and Cauliflower. I spent zero time cleaning, chopping, seeding, dicing, or peeling. It just never gets old. My family gobbled it up, and I can rest easy knowing they are getting the same nutrients from the freeze-dried produce as they would from fresh.

One common misconception customers have is that you need to use Thrive 100% in your cooking. Not true! Some days I use Thrive just a little. Some days I use Thrive a lot. It depends what fresh ingredients and produce I have on hand. Start with buying things that always go bad in your refrigerator and substitute your Thrive in those dishes. Do I still buy fresh produce? Yes. Do I still buy meat? Absolutely. Do I love having Thrive Chicken Slices and Sausage Crumbles on hand for the times I don’t feel like browning meat? You betcha!

Thrive Life has a Chef!

Thrive Life has a Chef. His name is Chef Todd, and he is the GREATEST. I have had the chance to meet him on multiple occasions and even cook side-by-side with him a few times. He works full-time to make incredible recipes using Thrive and common household ingredients. Check out a few of them below. Click on the picture for the recipe.

Or visit the Recipe Page.

Open up those cans and start using them!

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