Food, Family & Thrive Life

Welcome to my Life

So how does all of that relate to anything? Basically, my love of food in a round about way is what got me started with Thrive. Here is how it happened. My talented, and fellow mushroom-hair-styling sister Mel, ended up becoming a rockstar food blogger (remember, the whole love of food thing).

Then said sister naturally hired her awesome and efficient younger sister. Ahem….me. Out of the blue, a Mel’s Kitchen Cafe fan and Thrive Lifer sent Mel an e-mail about Thrive, which in turn introduced me to Thrive. Of course it would be a FOOD company that would spark my interest, and spark my interest it did. I have loved every minute since I started building my Thrive business am launching this website to hopefully instill that spark into others as well! There will be a little bit of everything on here. Recipes, deals & steals, food storage tips, and more. I hope you love it!


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