Get Fit & Feel Fabulous {30-Day Challenge}

 Have you wanted to change your unhealthy habits, but haven’t known where to start? This 30 day challenge is for you then!

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What is your defining “change” moment?

We all have “that moment”. The moment we see a picture of ourselves that makes us want to change. Or the moment where we ate so many cookies we made ourselves sick. Or that moment where the 3rd person in one month asks if you are pregnant and you aren’t. Yeah, that may sound specific… because ALL of those things have happened to me!

Pick a picture or a moment that made YOU want to change. Print out the thought or the picture, and keep it where you can see it during this challenge. My “moment” is below.

Mel and me at 1/2 marathon

Last year I ran a 1/2 marathon with my sister and I weighed in at 160 lbs (that was the heaviest I had been in years). I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing a single pound while I was training, and I felt discouraged about my weight. I now know why I wasn’t toning up or losing weight. I was eating my way through every run. I would run for 6 miles, but then totally overcompensate with how much FOOD and junk I ate that day. For the past year I have worked really hard to lose those extra 20 lbs with some simple (but also really hard) lifestyle changes. My husband had incredible results (pictured above) doing the things in this challenge.

In the past few weeks I noticed the scale creeping back up again, and my pants feeling a little tight, so I decided to get back to the healthy changes I had made last year, and make it more fun by bringing some others along for the ride! Enter the Fit & Fab 30-Day Challenge!

So get ready. These next 30 days are going to rock your world, but you are going to feel AMAZING after you are done. Check below for all of the challenge details and a printable to keep you on track.

(Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, trainer, doctor, or expert at anything! I am a mother who needed to shed some pounds and these are the methods that worked for me.)

Saying goodbye to cookies

Challenge Rules and Details:

I am not going to outline every single nitty gritty detail of how this should be accomplished. Be smart! If you are cutting out sweets, but eating 2,000 extra calories a day, obviously this won’t work. Follow the guidelines below, accomplish the daily checklist, and you will do great. I would also love your stories of why you wanted to change, and some before and after pics! Send them to me via the contact page, or participate in discussion via the Facebook Fit & Fab 30-Day Challenge Event Page. Let’s get started!

30-day challenge checklist

Print out 30 daily checklists. Fill one out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I can also e-mail you a word document with 4 on a page. Print out 10 pages and you ready to get started! Now, let’s talk about those lovely little bullet points.

30+ Minutes of Exercise

For this challenge, you will exercise 30+ minutes, 6 days a week. So it is ok if 4 out of your 30 daily checklists do not have the exercise section marked. I think a day of rest is important. I personally use Sundays as my day of rest. The exercises you choose to do will be really dependent on the fitness level you are at right now, but this needs to be 30+ INTENSE minutes of exercise. If you only have a 1/2 hour to work out a day, you want to pack a punch. I love T25 workouts, running, jump rope, and I am currently doing 21-Day Fix. You decide what works best for you, but make sure you are working hard. I also recommend including weights in at least 3 of your workouts each week, rather than cardio-only for 6 days a week. I started seeing much faster results when I included weight training in my exercise regime.

NO Sweets. No exceptions.

No cake, cookies, donuts, pies, chocolate, candy, ice cream, or anything else that is considered a treat. Don’t substitute sugary granola bars and cereals and yogurts to get your sugar fix either. This is going to be a 30-day detox from sweets. The goal is to end those dang sugar cravings for good. The first few weeks are going to be really hard. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, but I promise it gets easier. So no sweets. None. Zip. Zilch. We can do anything for 30 days!

I know someone will inevitably e-mail and ask about honey, or other sweeteners. Once again, use your best judgement. If you are using those sweeteners to mimic a dessert. Don’t do it. Your body still thinks it is getting a treat! If you feel like you are using those things and still overcoming your sweets cravings, then go ahead and sweeten that oatmeal lightly with honey.

Water, Water, Water

Carry a water bottle around with you everywhere and stay hydrated. There is a ton of science about how much you should drink each day, especially during exercise programs. A good rule of thumb is keep that pee clear. If your pee is not clear, you aren’t drinking enough. Also note this doesn’t say, juice, juice, juice, or soda, soda, soda. No juice. No soda. No energy drinks. JUST water. For 30 days fruit infused, or just plain old water.

The 1-Hour Rule (Ditch the Social Media Gut)

During your wake hours, the 1-hour rule means you cannot sit on your buns longer than an hour. If you work from home like me, or work an office job, you tend to sit in a computer chair for hours on end and never get up. During this challenge set your timer, and if it has been an hour that you have been sitting, get up and walk around the house or office, do 10 push ups, do a 1-minute plank (although that might be kind of awkward at work), just do something!

For even better results complete the extreme section daily as well!

For even more amazing results complete the extreme section daily as well. After dinner is over, don’t put another morsel of food in your mouth, don’t eat any flour during the 30-days, and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. For me, the absolute hardest thing is 8+ hours of sleep. I don’t remember the last night I got that much sleep, but it is so, so important for weight loss.

Alright. Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to see your results on the flip side.

My Weight Loss Journey (2)

Me at 140 lbs, one year after my 1/2 marathon.

My favorite clean-eating Thrive products.

  During times that I am not eating any sweets, gluten, or processed foods, Thrive products have saved me from quitting! I love snacking on the veggies to still get that “crunch” I crave without all of the unhealthy carbs. My favorites are Thrive Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Butternut Squash. I just eat them straight out of the can when I am craving chips. I also ate 1/4 cup of the Red Grapes, Strawberry Slices, or Mangoes when I really needed something sweet!

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