Get Prepared {A Few Finance & Food Storage Ideas}

Do you want to get prepared, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few simple financial and food storage preparedness ideas that you can start implementing today.

 What Preparedness Means to Me….

I believe that every family, to the best of their ability, should try to prepare for the storms that life sometimes seems to send. I am talking about job loss, natural disaster, tight financial months, sickness, or giant snowstorms that make it so you can’t leave your house for a solid week. Yeah, that just happened to us. You get the picture. When we are prepared, fear takes a backseat.

Finances First…$100 dollar bill

Let’s get this one out of the way first, shall we? The topic of finances is painful at best for most of us. How can we save $ when we always seem to be needing more $? On the flip side, how comforting would it be to have a month or two of expenditures saved in case of an emergency? Here are a few simple ways to start saving without breaking the bank.

Use the round-up rule: Every time you shop using cash, round up. If your total ends up being $23.25, put 75 cents into an emergency bank. If your total is $45.10, put 90 cents into an emergency bank. You will be surprised over the years how much can add up using the “round-up” rule.  Let kids in on the saving action as well. They will love seeing how much you saved over the year by putting in a few cents at a time.

Keep a record of everything you spend for one month: For one month write down EVERY SINGLE THING you purchase. At the end of the month sit down with just yourself, or your spouse, and highlight all of the things that were wants instead of needs. Choose one or two things to cut out next month and put the amount of money you would have spent on those things towards your emergency fund. Do this for 2 or 3 months and see how much you have saved.

Take Your Time: It is not a race. Choose a method that works best for your family and start today. Other methods for building an emergency fund on tight budgets are: Put a portion of your tax returns each year into your emergency fund, in lieu of presents on your birthday ask for a donation to your emergency fund, start budgeting for things like food and other extras, and don’t go beyond that budget each month. The list could go on and on. Just choose one simple way to start saving and work on it for the entire year.

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Food Storage…

Talking about food storage used to make me cringe. I just didn’t know where to start! It felt so overwhelming. I decided to set a measurable goal and gather 3 months worth of food that our family could live off if we needed to. That made it more doable and less overwhelming. Here are a few tips of how to get this done:

Choose Foods you Like and Start Cooking With Them: I think the biggest misnomer about food storage is that it needs to be ALL hard red wheat and pinto beans. Not true! There are so many long-term food storage options available now. Choose foods that you currently eat and start building a supply of those things. That way you can easily implement it into your cooking and just rotate through it.

Canned Goods: Pick up an extra can or two every time you go to the grocery store. This won’t add a lot to your overall cost, but will start beefing up your pantry over time. Just choose one or two things that your family likes that are on sale that week. It’s also a good idea to set a little money aside and shop case lot sales at your local grocery store.

Stock up on sales…

Stock up on Grocery Store Sales: What does your family love? Oats? Cereal? If something goes on a killer sale at the grocery store that you use frequently, you guessed it, stock up. Buy a few extra. Doing this a little at a time will start making a big difference in your pantry.

Shop Thrive Life’s Case-lot Sale: Every spring we have an amazing case-lot sale. It is a GREAT time to beef up your food storage. Make sure you are signed up to receive my monthly e-mails so you don’t miss out on the case-lot sale prices.

Why Thrive is the Perfect Fit for Me: Thrive has been the perfect fit for me because we use it on a daily basis, but with it’s 25-year shelf life it also makes for great food storage. Of course shop around, but choose a brand that your family would eat NOW and start learning how to cook with it.

The Best of Both Worlds…

Here is the secret to getting the best of both worlds. Become a Thrive Life consultant! You earn extra $ to amp up your emergency fund, AND build up your food storage all year. I was able to build my entire 3-month food supply from free product I earned my first year of being a consultant.

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