Happy Holidays, Goals, and 2017…

This year has blown by and the holidays are almost here. I am signing off until the New Year to get a little R&R, enjoy some quality family time, and set some killer goals, but I hope you are looking forward to 2017. I have some fun stuff planned!

2017 goals

 Can I help you accomplish a few goals in 2017?

This is always the time of year I start to think about goals. Everyone does, right? Please tell me I am not the only goal lover out there. I am not talking about losing 20 lbs, which inevitably goes on all of our lists EVERY year. I am talking about good, quality, realistic goals that we are actually planning on sticking to for the entire year.

So next year, here are some goals I could help you achieve: Preparedness, earning extra $, making dinnertime more enjoyable with quick and easy meals, following your dreams, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Check back in January because I will be doing posts on each and every one of those potential goals.

As for me, I am going to be enjoying some light reading over the break to help jump-start me on one of my goals/dreams. Any idea what my dream is? I am excited for 2017!

My film dreams

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