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Do you ever get tired of throwing out produce that has gone bad? Do you feel like you spend half of your life in the kitchen? I feel like Thrive has helped me waste less, save time, and eat healthy! 

fresh versus Thrive peaches

There are not many foods that can claim to be healthy and time-saving in the same breath!

I just taped a fun video with a few of the awesome boys in my life. I feel like kids explain things in the cutest way! Just watch it. It is so cute. They give their version of health. What mom’s spend all of their time doing. And what they WANT their mom’s to be doing. I taped the video because I love the fact that Thrive Life CAN claim to be healthy and time-saving in the same breath.

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The picture below is my favorite example of this. I have always despised chopping onions. It just makes so much sense to me to buy groceries like onions from Thrive. The work is done for you. It’s as healthy as buying a fresh onion. They are shelf stable. And, it goes a LONG way. Onions

When we moved to Boise a few weeks ago, I got so excited to shop at every single store possible.  I have been deprived of decent shopping for the last 5 years, so I hit up multiple stores in one week. Within days. DAYS. My product was wrinkly and gross. It was really disappointing. It only took a week for me to remember why I started buying Thrive Life in the first place.

I also don’t enjoy cooking as much as I used to. I don’t like the time that it sucks away. But I don’t want to eat out, or eat unhealthy. That is the second reason I buy Thrive. There are too many products to list that I use to save me time. And the great thing is by saving time, I am not sacrificing health. That is a win-win in my book. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend more time with these cuties!

New ward 2016 (2)

Before I started doing my Q, I made a list of the foods that would help me save time, and a list of foods that would help me waste less. This is different for every family, but let’s use mushrooms as an example. I rarely use mushrooms, but I do like them in a few of my recipes. Now that I have Thrive mushrooms they don’t go to waste in my fridge anymore. I just dump a few in the recipe when I need them. The same goes with fruit. Our bananas always go bad. Now, I throw some of my Thrive banana slices into smoothies when I want one. Those are just a few examples. So make your lists! Start saving time without sacrificing health when you buy Thrive Life groceries!

And just take a look at these bananas. I am LOVING the beautiful new labels.

Thrive Life Bananas

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