Learn to Cook with Thrive {Chef’s Selection}

The Chef’s Selection makes it so easy to learn how to cook with popular Thrive products and make stellar meals in minutes.

Chef's Selection

I have already sung my praises about the Q Program countless times, but if you need a refresher about why joining the Q is so awesome, take a look around here. The Chef’s Selection is my favorite way to START the Q. Did you check out all of my digital sticky notes in the image above? There is nothing not to love. The Chef’s Selection is the perfect way to start your Q because at the Chef’s Selection budget you become an immediate Q-Club member and will remain one for life. AND you will become a pro at cooking with Thrive.

Recipes with Chef's Selection

Bart and I just did an expo at an outdoor show this weekend and found ourselves frequently explaining the importance of USING and COOKING with your food storage. Thrive Life is great as a food storage product line because of it’s long shelf life, but the products are equally as amazing as groceries. I feel like the Chef’s Selection is the perfect blend of all of the things I love about Thrive because it teaches you how to use the foods in your everyday cooking. The Q delivers groceries to your door each month that you use to save time and cut down on waste, but you will most likely be stocking your food storage with Thrive as well. Chef’s Selection is the perfect way to learn how to use the Thrive foods as groceries, which in turn would teach you how to cook with your food storage. Remember, you are cycling through your food storage anyways, so your Thrive groceries and food storage are basically one in the same.

It is simple to get started with Chef’s Selection!
If you want to set it up yourself:

1) Visit the Q page and click Get Started.
2) Set up your account. (Enter an e-mail that you check. You will be sent updates about your Q and all other Thrive orders to this e-mail.)
3) Click through the tutorial buttons by hitting next, then click the button Plans and Packages in the green bar near the top of the page.
4) Add Chef’s Selection to your list by clicking the +ADD button under Smart Start Chef’s Selection.
5) Click the green Continue button at the top right of the page and follow the instructions through to the end to activate your Chef’s Selection.

I can set it up for you:

Alternately if the thought of setting it up yourself stresses you out, I can set it up for you in a snap! Just let me know via e-mail, text, contact form, or phone call that you want to get started with the Chef’s Selection and we will get you going. (Note: Credit card information and shipping/billing info will be required during setup).

Chef's Selection Recipe List

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