Let’s Talk about Food Storage {Part One}

Should adversity come, are you prepared? Having food storage helps us have peace of mind during the good times, so we don’t fear the hard times.

Food Storage Series Part One

I grew up in a family that always had food storage, and in a religion that believes in being prepared. I have always wanted to have food storage for my family, but have struggled to know how to build it and where to start. I will be taking a lot of my information from providentliving.org during this series, because I think it is GREAT information about food storage and preparedness, regardless of your religion. This series of posts is going to hopefully better explain the why and how of food storage for people who are just starting out! Today’s focus:

What is the purpose of food storage?

Thrive Life Food Storage

Having food storage gives us peace of mind…

I am a worrier. There. I said it for everyone in cyberspace to know. For as long as I can remember I have worried about things that will NEVER happen. The thing that I hate the most about worrying is the fear that it invites. Fear is terrible. It makes us feel bad, it strips away faith, and it wastes a lot of time. For a long time when others around me talked about food storage it made me feel FEAR. I didn’t want to think about any of the reasons we would ever need food storage.

Over the years, my paradigm has shifted though. I now realize that having food storage helps take away fear because you are already prepared. You don’t worry about a situation that could happen as much when you are prepared for it. So while I hope that nothing adverse happens in any of our lives, if it does, we will be prepared!

Food storage helps us prepare for adversity…

People tend to think that food storage is for some end-of-the-world type scenario. I don’t believe that is the reason we should have it at all! Here are some scenarios where it would surely come in handy: job loss, power outage, natural disaster, inability to get to a grocery store, etc. etc. Real-life scenarios that can and do happen. While none of us ever want to be in those situations, I know of multiple families who have fallen back on their food storage during those times and it has helped them get through. Then when they are back on their feet, they build up their supply again.

Thrive Life Vegetables

Build a shelf-stable home store with Thrive

The beauty of building up your food storage with Thrive Life products is that you can have an entire shelf stable store in your very own pantry that will last for years to come. I can go back to my pantry and create an entire meal with my Thrive products. You are not going to want to go from eating fruits, vegetables, cheese & milk, and various proteins, to rice and beans for weeks on end if you need to rely on your food storage. Thrive offers almost anything you eat now in freeze-dried form, so if your refrigerator goes out, you are covered! I think that is exciting. If we are relying on our food storage, but can still eat the foods we are currently eating, it will be less of a blow for our families.

There are multiple ways to build up your food storage and next week I am going to talk about HOW to build it for part two of the series.

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