Moving Stinks {What Saved my Sanity}

We just made the move from Wyoming to Idaho. There are a few key things that kept me sane throughout the process, because let’s be honest, moving is the worst! 

Thrive Life butternut squash

Clearing out the freezer and pantry are key to the moving process in my opinion. I did not want to haul a bunch of frozen foods in 100 degree temps in the Uhaul, so a month before the move I started creatively clearing out our fridge and freezer. The result was almost NO grocery store trips the last few weeks and I lived off of my Thrive foods. I LOVE the Wild Rice Pilaf. One pouch fed me for 4 nights. I also LOVE the butternut squash. I just snack on them right out of the can when I need something “snacky” but don’t want something junky. It doesn’t get much healthier than squash. Having quick, easy, and healthy foods definitely saved my sanity during the moving process.

mom and dad with Luke
These two. Seriously, everyone deserves parents as amazing as mine. For the past three weeks they have been watching my boys. Yes, you read that right. THREE weeks. That is a long time when you still have two that need their bums wiped, one that got the stomach flu while camping with gramps, and all three that love constant attention. They deserve an award. Having them watch my kids while I drove to Boise to look for a rental, packed my house, packed the Uhaul, make the move, and head to my Thrive convention most certainly saved my sanity. If you are ever planning on moving and have parents willing to watch your kids. Do it.
Mel with breadThis is my sister Mel. She resides over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe virtually, but only lives about 5 miles from me now physically! Woot! Sisters are great, but sisters who make you dinner every night while you are unpacking, and stay up until wee hours of the morning to help you unpack your kitchen are even better! As soon as we showed up in the Uhaul we had my sister, brother-in-law, and their 5 helpers unloading. So Mel takes the sanity saver #3 spot!

It has been a long, crazy few weeks. I am so grateful for the family and food that kept me sane during the move and I am REALLY grateful the move is over!

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