New Snackies. New Look. New Preferred Customer Free Shipping.

OK…I have SO much to tell you guys! Strap yourselves in because a lot is changing. Think: new Thrive Life website, free shipping on all “preferred items,” a meal kit delivery system, and so much more.

Thrive Life Cranberry Crunch

New Snackies. Nothin’ Wrong With That!

I tried both of the new Snackies at convention last week. Yum! I love the Harvarti Cheese and you just can’t go wrong with almonds, coconut and cranberry. Seriously, the Cranberry Crunch is SO good. We just ate it for our afternoon snack today.

Everything is Changing!

From now on, what has been known lovingly for years as “the Q,” will be called My Deliveries. You can access your “Q” shipments on the My Deliveries tab from now on. The website is getting an awesome makeover as well. You will notice new imagery, clearer navigation, and easy-to-set up services like Simple Plate. Here is a view of what you can expect.

New Thrive Life Website

Preferred Customers Get Free Shipping!

Do you see that cute little blue box in the picture below?  You are going to love that from here on out. Q Club members are now called Preferred Customers! If you were already a Q-Club member, don’t worry, you are already considered a Preferred Customer.

Not a member? In August only, commit to 3 deliveries of Simple Plate or Grocery Box and become a Preferred Customer for free!

Preferred Customers will get free shipping on Preferred items when their Simple Plate or Grocery Box delivery is $100 or more.

Thrive Life Preferred Customer

Introducing Simple Plate {Solving the Dinner Dilemma}

Life is crazy! And dinner, well…it’s not the easiest time of the day. We know what it should be. We just need it to be a little more…simple, right? We are prepared to go head-to-head with other meal kit companies and blow them out of the water. Why? No raw meat. No chopping veggies. No stress about using the meal right when your delivery comes. It literally is the best meal program out there.

Thrive Life Simple Plate

Check out the Simple Plate Meals HERE!

So how awesome is this?! Seriously. My 8 year old can pull out one of these meals and make it. They are so simple. All of the ingredients are numbered and ready to dump in and go. I love that you can get simple meals to your family and include your favorites with additional “grocery box” items.

Simple Plate Perks

Need More to Convince you about Simple Plate?

Delivered to you every week, every 2 weeks, or every month
Ready to eat in 20-30 minutes
Ingredients don’t go limp or get moldy
Easy to follow instructions with numbered ingredients
Skip the planning. Simple Plate solves the dinner dilemma!
Eligible for free shipping

2 thoughts on “New Snackies. New Look. New Preferred Customer Free Shipping.

  1. I’m still fairly new to Thrive and I have to be honest, while I really like the product, I have a really hard time spending $80+ dollars and getting 5 pantry cans in the mail. That’s not beneficial to me, my family, or my pocketbook. The video I watched that said the simple plate meals for 4 adds up to about $7 a person….that’s fast food prices. This isn’t saving me money at all, and now I have to spend $100 to get free shipping. I guess I just need to learn how to use it better or something. I was hoping to have this replace a lot of the staples in my home and fit in the budget as home cooked meals but this does not do that. Makes me sad because I really do like most of what I have tried so far.

    1. Hey K. It’s definitely a balance I had to learn. I save money when I use Thrive for things that were always going bad. Like my green onions, red bell peppers, onions, etc. Honestly, I use it so much now because of all of the free product I have gotten over the years from consulting and can’t imagine not using it in my daily cooking anymore. We still eat a lot of grocery foods as well, but I have found things in Thrive that I will probably never buy from the grocery store again. I hope you find some ways to use it that you love! If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out.

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