Reflections, Dreams, Peach Dessert, and the Best Grill Ever!

This has been a reflection month for me, and I am excited to share some thoughts about turning 31, my Thrive anniversary, an amazing grill, and one of my favorite desserts!31st Birthday

Well, it went and happened. I turned 31 this month. Birthdays aren’t normally a huge deal for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love presents as much as the next person, but all I usually request is that my boys don’t punch each other that day, and I get a nap. This year was a little different because I live by my sister Mel, and she spoiled me. Like seriously spoiled me. As in, best salmon and cake I have ever eaten, and the best present ever. She happens to love Camp Chef and has worked with them over the years on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. She somehow scored me this amazing, awesome, best-thing-I-have-ever-used pellet grill. I literally cannot wait for all of the meaty possibilities.img_2824

I had another anniversary this month as well. My 1-year Thrive Anniversary. Turning another year older really made me reflect on my goals and dreams. There are SO many things I want to do in my 30’s. I think before Thrive I had these things in the back of my mind, but just thought it was for someone else and that I wouldn’t be able to do those things. I also thought I would never be the type of person to have my own successful business, or enjoy marketing, or become an entrepreneur, but this past year I have realized I LOVE those things. Thrive has helped me jump-start some of those dreams, and I am not afraid to reach for the stars anymore! One thing I have always wanted to do is go to film school, but now I REALLY want to.

I have dabbled with filming and editing since I started Thrive, so I thought it would only be appropriate to make a video that shows my Thrive beginning!

Watch how I got my Thrive start

Along with anniversaries and birthdays I happen to love October for all of it’s fall-flavor goodness. This no-bake, make-ahead, peaches and cream dessert, with a fall spin, is an October must-make. img_2813

It really is so darn delicious! And this month is the perfect month to stock up on Thrive peaches because they are on a great sale!

Click here to get the recipe!

Me and Jimmy Fallon

OK, so meeting Jimmy Fallon may be a pipe dream :). But film school, learning to play the guitar, paying off all of our debt, and getting a piece of land….those are things I am going to do in my 30’s. I am excited for the future. And a lot of those things are going to be possible because of Thrive. 

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