Simple Plate + Grocery Box {1 New Customer Could Earn a Month Free!}

Thrive Life Giveaway

 How could I earn a free month?

It’s simple. Just start a Simple BoxGrocery Box, or Simple Plate Plus (Simple Box + Grocery Box) subscription. Have your first shipment mailed out by August 25th. Done! One of my new customers will get their next month of Simple Plate or Grocery Box on me. (More details below)

What are Simple Plate and Grocery Box?

If this is your first time here. Welcome! If you have no idea what Simple Plate or Grocery Box are, start HERE. Or watch the video above to learn more about Simple Plate meal kit deliveries.

I love my Thrive groceries. If you have been following me for awhile, you know how I use my fruits and veggies DAILY. There are so many things to love about freeze-dried like the nutritional value, convenience, taste, etc. Thrive had already made my life easier, but these Simple Plate meals will revolutionize dinner even more!

How will I know if I am the new customer chosen?

I will contact you via e-mail to see what you want. You can choose either a free $100 month of Simple Plate, a $100 Grocery Box month free, or a combination of both that adds up to, you guessed it, $100.

Now go on and get started!

4 thoughts on “Simple Plate + Grocery Box {1 New Customer Could Earn a Month Free!}

  1. Hello! I am looking for your “no purchase necessary” entry option, but I can’t find it? Since this is required by law, I figured I must just be having trouble finding it. How do I enter this contest without making a purchase? Thank you!

    1. I apologize for the confusion. This was meant for new customers who do make a purchase by starting a Simple Plate or Grocery Box subscription. The terms have been updated, and it’s no longer a giveaway. One of my new customers will have a month of their subscription paid by me. Thank you.

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