Sloppy Joe’s in a Jar {Family-Reunion Style}

While enjoying a family reunion, the last thing you want to do is slave over food! With Sloppy Joe’s in a Jar, you can feed a large group in no time flat. 

sloppy joe in a jar at family reunion

Sloppy Joe’s in a Jar are the PERFECT family reunion dinner!

We just had a family reunion in Island Park, ID and it was a blast! Each family was in charge of a dinner feeding 30+ people. For my meal, bringing Thrive was a total no-brainer. It takes minutes to prepare. You don’t have to refrigerate it and take up precious fridge space. And, these sloppy joe’s are delicious! The jars take 5-10 minutes to throw together before the reunion, and only 10 minutes to cook at the reunion. Between this, Thrive Brownies and Thrive Limeade, my meal was a total hit, fuss-free, and I didn’t miss out on any fun because I was slaving away in the cabin kitchen.

sloppy joe jar meal

A few days before I left I filled the jars. Easy peasy. I love the fact that this is a dump-and-cook meal. I didn’t have to bring any extra spices to the cabin. I didn’t have to brown and drain meat at the cabin. I dumped the jars, added water, simmered, stirred in some pickle juice at the very end. Done. The result was sloppy joe perfection. Each jar makes about 10 sloppy joe’s, so this recipe comfortably feeds a group of 30.

nate dishing up sloppy joe

If you have a family reunion coming up, I highly recommend this meal! You will have a lot of “happy campers!” My brother pictured above, was skeptical of an entire meal made out of Thrive, but he loved them.

sloppy joe in a jar recipe card

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