Snack. Throw and Go. Refresh. Thrivalize. {4 ways to Thrive}

Check out this post for 4 great ways to cook with, and use Thrive products. Snack. Throw and go. Refresh. And Thrivalize! 


Do you view Thrive Life products as food storage, groceries, or a little of both? When I very first started ordering Thrive products it was 100% for food storage, but after I started using it in my cooking that definitely changed.

When I went to convention in July, Chef Todd did an awesome cooking demo. The concept he taught was that we use Thrive 4 ways in the kitchen. We snack, throw and go, refresh and Thrivalize. This really made sense to me.

 And by the way, Chef Todd is the coolest guy ever! Every single person should come to convention next year and meet him. thrive-convention-7

Thrive for Snacking

Pretty darn self explanatory. Thrive for snacking means you open a can, or bag of Snackies, and you snack. You eat the fruit or veggies or yogurt bites straight on out of there. We do this. A lot. There are a few things I don’t know if my kids could live without anymore. If I had to choose our top favorite snacks they would be, Strawberry Slices, Greek Yogurt Bites, Sliced Bananas, and Broccoli. And speaking of snacks. I make the yummy little snacks below every….single….week. The Thrive Peanut Flour is an absolute staple for us. Watch the video and make them. You will not be disappointed.

YouTube Protein Balls

Throw and Go

This is my absolute favorite method for using Thrive. Envision your favorite soup or stew. Now think about all of the peeling, chopping, and dicing that normally goes along with that soup… I love that now I can choose things that I HATE cutting up, yeah, I am talking about you onions, and throw them in my soup. Nothing else needs to be done to your Thrive veggies or meats when they are going to be cooking in broth. They will refresh during the cooking process. I never refresh my ingredients before I throw them into soups, slow cooker meals, or even baked goods. I frequently throw Thrive berries into muffins, pancakes, or quick breads and they are perfect.Onions

Refresh & Thrivalize

These two categories are what really made me realize Thrive has become a definite part of my life. So often now, without even thinking, I use my Thrive ingredients in my regular go-to recipes. I cook almost 100% from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe because I work for my sister and love her recipes. So I haven’t changed what I cook, I just sub Thrive things into recipes I am using (Thrivalize). I do this with almost any ingredient that saves me time in that particular recipe. Sometimes things will need to be “refreshed” which simply means to bring it back to it’s hydrated state. If the ingredients are not cooking in a liquid, I refresh them beforehand.

There are so many great recipes on the Thrive website. The chowder pictured below is just one example of a delicious, Thrivalized recipe. There are countless more that can be searched by category or ingredient. Or, just start swapping Thrive into your family favorite recipes and save yourself some time!


The takeaway: Start using Thrive in your cooking! That is what it is for. Sure, we will always love the products for their long shelf-life, but man, it can revolutionize your cooking if you let it! 


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