Sole Hope & Hope’s Door {And a Big Thank You!}

Because of YOU, my loyal customers who have been with me from the beginning, AND all of my new customers, me and my boys were able to donate to some pretty awesome causes this month!

First off, I just want to say thank you! My boys and I found 2 places that we really wanted to donate to/help at the beginning of the year (more info below). We were still quite a bit below what we wanted to fund-raise at the beginning of the month, so I told the boys I would contribute 10% of my Thrive sales this month to help us reach our goal. We were able to raise the last of our funds during the sale! So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don’t know about the rest of you, maybe this is a personal struggle? But, almost daily I have to check myself and make sure I am not getting too caught up in “material” things. We don’t make a lot of money, but we have always had food on our table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. I don’t think I realize how lucky I am until I meet people with real needs. When you see people that are truly struggling, it really puts life in perspective.

We have been trying to teach our boys this past year, that when you have extra money, there are ALWAYS good things that can be done with it. If I can teach my boys to always be looking for people to serve and help, whether financially, or through giving of their time, then I will feel like I did at least something right. They can get counseling for all of the other things that I mess up :).

During the month of December we took part in an initiative called #LightTheWorld. I felt touched that month that we should find a cause to help, and I couldn’t get Sole Hope off of my mind. Have you see this video?

You will never want to recycle another milk jug, or EVER throw a pair an old pair of jeans away  after you learn about the shoes you can make with those items. I knew after watching all of their videos, that I wanted to help every single one of these little kids have shoes! We committed to 20 pairs as a family.

Sole Hope Cutting

Many hours were spent at the island tracing and cutting, and tracing and cutting, but I loved it. The boys contributed by sending a letter to each of our family members explaining what they were trying to raise money for, and offering a simple service in exchange for donations.

For example, for 5$ they would sing a song to the family member on FaceTime. For $15 they would send autographed pictures. For $10 they would make a craft or draw a picture. These were doable tasks for the boys that allowed them to earn money to fund the shoes. Each pair of shoes costs $10 to make. Sole Hope has a breakdown of how the $10 pays the tailor, ships the supplies, etc.

Here are the boys hard at work filling “orders” from family.

We decided to help locally with the rest of the raised funds. It is so hard to choose when there are so many needs. There are a lot of local refugees in need, and the food bank can always use more food, but we decided on a local place called Hope’s Door.

I kept hearing at church that they were in need of supplies, and while the video below does not depict Hope’s Door, the shelter it shows sounded a lot like Hope’s Door. I was touched by this video and knew that was the local charity I wanted to help.

I love the fact that these mom’s through both Hope’s Door, and the shelter that the lady in the video went to, are trying to get back on their feet and raise their children. They just need some help. They need supplies. They need a place to stay. I just love so many things about it.

The boys loved going through the list and picking things that we could buy. And Luke was very excited to hand the cashier the money. I think that was his favorite part.

I know that so much good is done in the world. Many of you are constantly donating of both your resources and time to different causes, and it inspires me. One day, I hope that we have even more to be able to help tons of charities and people with!

Thank you again for your sale purchases that helped me and my family contribute to these wonderful causes, and for your continued support as a customer that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom. I appreciate you all and I hope you love everything you ordered!

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