Super Healthy Hulk Soup

It does not get much healthier, quicker, or more green than this simple Hulk soup!

Super Healthy Hulk Soup

This soup. I love it. It has been a staple for me for a few summers now. The soup is based off my sister’s No-Cream Creamy Basil Spinach Soup recipe, but I changed it up, and wanted to make it all from Thrive. Basically it was a slammin’ success because not only is it super healthy, it is also so quick with Thrive. No chopping, seeding, dicing, or peeling. Simply throw and go.

Also, if you have a 7-year old boy like me, he will think it is awesome that he gets to eat green soup that will make him as strong as the hulk! It doesn’t hurt that we usually serve this with an ample supply of Tortilla Scoop Chips and a hot, cheesy panini :).

Hulk Soup Ingredients

Just like my Zuccchini and Cauliflower Crust Pizza, I don’t have an exact recipe. I am all about people adapting to what suits their family, and this is a total “throw it in” soup. I do however have a list of ingredients I used in my hulk soup and a video showing how it is made. Adapt away with your favorite Thrive Veggies, but if you want the awesome green color, you have got to keep the spinach.

Thrive Life Zucchini
Thrive Life Basil
Thrive Life Spinach
Thrive Life Green Onions
Thrive Life Chef’s Seasoning Blend
Thrive Life Chicken Buillion
Thrive Life Cauliflower
Thrive Life Potato Dices

Click here to watch the Hulk soup in action!

Give it a whirl. You certainly won’t have to feel guilty about eating a few extra bowls of this green goodness.

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