The Easiest Coconut Macaroons EVER {Bakery Spotlight}

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There are not many things that can beat homemade, from-scratch, fresh-baked cookies… except for these little guys. Let’s face it. There are times when you do not have the time or desire to make cookies from scratch, and these Coconut Macaroons are the next easiest thing to just picking up a processed piece of junk package of cookies at the store. Did you watch the clip? (click the picture above). These macaroons could….not….be….any….easier! Imagine their little bottoms dipped in chocolate if you really want to go above and beyond. Delicious. Time-saving. Just try them!

Product Label Macaroon Mix

 So Let’s Talk About the Thrive Life Bakery Line

“The THRIVE Bakery line offers the unmatched quality and taste of THRIVE in convenient mixes that can be made as they are or enhanced with your own ingredients to create nearly any baked good. Formulated in-house with no artificial colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils, or GMO, these quick mixes bring the bakery to your kitchen!”

Say hello to my personal favorites! The Fudge Brownies are so easy (just add water). The Sugar Cookie Mix is literally the most versatile and adaptable sugar cookie dough ever. Sugar cookie bars, macadamia cookies, snicker-doodles, the options are endless. And the same goes for the Classic Cookie Dough Mix. It is great by itself and great as a base for countless other cookies.

Bakery Favorites

Check out all of the other bakery items and some great recipe ideas HERE. These products are so easy they make Easy-Bake ovens seem difficult!


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