Thrivalized Yogurt {3-Ways}

Our absolute favorite way to enjoy Thrive is in yogurt. Check out some of my favorite yogurt-Thrive combinations and learn why my kids can’t get enough. 

So let’s break down the video, shall we? It’s hard to choose a favorite, but if we are basing favorites on the Thrivalized yogurt combo we eat most frequently, that would be combo #1.

I almost always make my own yogurt so that I can control the sugar level, but if you don’t have the time or desire to make your own, try to choose a plain, or lightly sweetened store-bought one so  these combos are not overly sweet.

Berries and Nuts {Our Favorite}

After a lot of trail and error, we have found what we think are the perfect fruit add-ins. The winners are Strawberry Slices, Blueberries, and Mangoes. Of course you can choose any combo of Thrive fruits to throw in, especially if you don’t like one of the fruits I mentioned. I also feel like the almonds are essential for a nice nutty crunch. I usually order these sliced almonds, but any brand would work.

Here are my boys loading up on their favorite fruits in our homemade strawberry version (details below). Kids love choices and adding things in themselves. And I love that this healthy snack doesn’t get old to them because we can constantly change things up!

Boys eating yogurt

Honey Crystals {Yogurt Magic}

Have you tried the Honey Crystals? They are absolutely delicious. They are definitely sweet, so when you use the honey crystals I recommend buying a plain yogurt. I love that these don’t make the yogurt runny like regular honey would. I like a nice thick yogurt. Really, these are magical. They add the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor.

Simple Strawberry Sauce

This simple strawberry sauce is great for sweetening plain yogurt, and it is so simple to make. 2 cups sliced strawberries, 2 Tbs. lemon juice, sugar to taste, and water. Cook for a few minutes to soften. Refrigerate. And stir in. So yummy.


Do yourself a favor and go make yourself some Thrivalized yogurt!


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