Thrive Life Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts for family, friends, neighbors and teachers, this Thrive Life Holiday Gift Guide will give you great options for every need! 

Thrive Life Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts! Let’s be honest, I love receiving gifts as well but giving gifts is even better.  I have been looking forward to this post for a few months now because there are just so many great products in the line this year for each and every person. Make sure you put your Christmas orders in soon so that you can get it delivered by Christmas! Enough talk. Let’s get started.

Thrive Life Gifts for Neighbors & Teachers

Thrive Life Raspberry Muffin Mix

If this raspberry muffin mix isn’t the perfect neighbor/teacher gift, I don’t know what is. Adorably packaged, and absolutely delicious I would happily receive one of these babies from my neighbor :). And P.S, they are on sale this month! Thrive Life Snackies

For your Health Conscious Co-Worker, Neighbor, or Friend

Snackies will probably always be one of my favorite Thrive Life products. There are so many flavors to choose from, and they come in such convenient, cute pouches. Now, there are even more options with the Snackies Singles as well. They are quite simply a great gift idea for your health conscious buddies, and will certainly not disappoint. Package up a few of these babies with a cute little bow and you will the rock-star of your workplace.

Thrive Life Gifts for the Family

Thrive Life Fettuccine Alfredo

For the College Student, Outdoor Enthusiast, or Busy Mom

Express meals are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Healthy. Quick. Delicious. What more could a busy college student want. All they need is a pot and they are good to go. My dad uses these all.the.time when he is out backpacking. And, I can’t tell you how many dinner nights have been saved by these lovely meals.

For the Organizer

Thrive Life Pantry Organizer

The updated Pantry Organizers are just slick. I Love mine with a capital L. My cans have never been so organized, and they never expire in my pantry anymore because they stay constantly rotated. For the OCD organizer in your life, you cannot go wrong with one of these babies.

For the Young Family or Preparedness Enthusiast

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Peace of mind is a great gift to give! Thrive has countless long-term packages for every family size. For the first 8 years of our marriage my parents bought us food storage every Christmas. I loved it because it helped stock up our meager supply. For the young families or preparedness enthusiast in your life who may not have $ to spend on food storage, there is a package that is perfect for them.

For Yourself!

Give yourself the gift of Thrive this holiday season by joining the ranks. You will be so rewarded throughout the year with Thrive products for your own home store, free product, and commission. If you order Thrive already consulting is simply the best way to get the product and earn extra $ while you do it. 

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