How to fit Thrive into your grocery budget

Learn how to fit Thrive Life into your grocery budget without spending any extra money every month!

grocery budget breakdown

We spend a lot of money on food in the US. There is just no way around it. Everyone eats! Today I am going to break down my grocery budget and show you how Thrive fits in, without spending any extra!

We all have an average we spend each month on groceries. Since I am using my own life as an example, we are going to use $700/month as the breakdown today. This will be different for everyone, but my $700 goes mostly towards Costco, WinCo, Target and Trader Joe’s. For you it might be Walmart, your local grocery store, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, or local farmer’s markets.  I am not asking you to eliminate other stores entirely. Not even close! I am a Thrive Life consultant and I still shop at other stores! Just keep reading. I promise. It will all make sense.

First Things First

Before we can even begin this discussion you need to get on the Q. The Q is Thrive’s “groceries to your door” program, and it is essential to your monthly Thrive groceries! Whew. I am glad we got that detail taken care of. Ok, can we continue on? Good.

The Key is Reallocating

The key to fitting Thrive Life into your grocery budget is reallocating. Reallocating is a big, fancy word for using some of the money you were spending at (…….) stores and putting that money towards Thrive each month. Here is a visual breakdown that I like.

q breakdown

The example above uses a $400/$200 breakdown. I personally spend $700 on groceries total per month, with $600 going towards the local stores I love, and $100 going towards my Thrive groceries. Do you see how that works? I am not spending any extra. I just started getting the things at Thrive that save me time and eliminate waste, and I get my other groceries elsewhere.

Grocery delivery

And, there is not much better than getting groceries straight to your door. Seriously, I think we could all use one less grocery store trip in our lives! I love this cute video about the grocery store and shopping with kids. I think it is SO true! As a mom, the grocery store is the worst.

How do I choose my Thrive groceries?

I made a list when I first starting consulting for Thrive called my Q list. I have 5 columns. The 2 columns that I focus on when ordering my Thrive groceries are: Foods That Always go to Waste, and Thrive for Convenience. What I mean by this is, I decided the foods that were ALWAYS going bad in my fridge and I started buying those in my monthly Thrive groceries. These include things like: spinach, celery, mushrooms, tomato dices, red bell peppers, basil, etc. I also have Thrive groceries I couldn’t live without because they are so darn convenient like: onions, sliced strawberries (for oatmeal and yogurt), butternut squash, potato dices, Express Meals, and sausage crumbles. Some months I up my Thrive grocery budget to include things on my Thrive Snacks we Can’t Live Without column, or my Thrive’s Awesome Sales column. It’s just like any other grocery store. When there is a great sale, you capitalize on it! The difference is, Thrive groceries will last you 25 years :).

So choose the things that will save you time, and things that always go to waste, and start getting those with your Thrive budget!

What should my Thrive grocery budget be? $100 dollar bill

I recommend setting your Thrive grocery budget at $100+. This will most likely just be a portion of your grocery budget, but it will help you avoid waste, avoid extra trips to the grocery store, and give you foods that are as healthy as fresh! Totally worth $100. Also, with a budget of $100+, you will automatically be a member of the Q club, and get rewards points back on your Thrive groceries to use for food or shelving down the road.

Need a recap?

Need a recap

What about Thrive for food storage?

Thrive for food storage is a totally different topic. I love my Thrive food storage as well and I am able to build that up through consulting, but today was all about groceries. So go and reallocate that budget! Blueberries and spinach are tired of going bad in your fridge!

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