Thrive Life Q {6 People, 6 Different Ways}

The awesome thing about a Thrive Life Q is that you can customize it to fit your personal tastes and needs. Each of us have completely different preferences, families, and finances, and you can create the Q that is perfect for you. Thrive Life Q Intro

If we were to take a moment to compare the last 6 months of Amazon purchases with each other, I can guarantee we would would have very different order histories. That is exactly how I view the Thrive Life Q. It should be different for everyone! I want it to be the perfect experience for YOU. Read through the stories below, and see if you fall into any of these categories. If not, good for you, your Q will be different, and that’s ok!

This is my family. I love them, but oh man, we are SO different. We all have completely different personalities. One thing we all have in common though is that we LOVE food. Each of my family members has been on, or is currently on the Q, but just like that Amazon history I was talking about before, each of us has a different way we do our Q.

If you need a quick refresher on what the Q is. Check out this page.

Thrive Life Q

Let’s begin with me. It probably comes as no surprise that I use my Q as part of my groceries every month. I AM a consultant after all. I love the ease of cooking with the products, we don’t go a day without snacking on the fruits, and I will never chop an onion again in my life if I can help it!

Each month I load up my Q with the Thrive Life groceries we are running low on. My budget is pretty high because my Q is absolutely, 100% part of our everyday eating, and grocery budget. I love too many products to name, but I incorporate a lot of foods that save me time!

Thrive Life Q

This is my sister Mel. Mel was a Thrive Life consumer years before I was. Mel has shelves and shelves of Thrive. Over the years she has used her Q as a means of building up a fabulous food storage, however she has always rotated through her Thrive foods and her kids snack on the fruits and yogurt bites all of the time. Mel has also been known to rely on her Thrive veggies in a pinch when she doesn’t have the fresh counterparts on hand and has used Thrive in a lot of her amazing Mel’s Kitchen Cafe recipes like these muffins, and this granola to name a few.

With a large family, Mel sticks to #10 can sizes on almost all of the products. They go through it in plenty of time! Mel has a very ample supply of Thrive so she keeps her budget around $50 a month now.

Thrive Life Q

This is my Dad, Ryan. My parents are ultra supportive, so even though they had thousands of pounds of food storage in their basement, they still got on the Q when I became a consultant. I am happy to report their Q has not just gotten stashed away in their basement.

My Dad is an avid outdoorsman and he has used the Express Meals on countless backpacking trips. He also loves the fruits in his oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt, and frequently stocks up on those in their Q. Since it is just him and my Mom at home, they usually stick to pantry size cans to suit their needs. They travel a lot, so on months they won’t be home, or feel like they are fairly stocked up they pause their Q. And you know what? That is totally OK!
Thrive Life Q

This is my brother Jed. Jed is SUPER active. He is also a snacker. Probably because he burns off so many calories :). His wife didn’t want him going through cans and cans of fruit for snacking only, so they did their initial 3 months at a high budget, and stocked up on all of the fruits and veggies they wanted to keep in their food storage.

Now they use their Q at whatever budget they want on sale months, or to get occasional snacks for Jed.

Thrive Life Q

This is my brother Nate. Him and his wife Kylie bought a year supply of Thrive Life from Costco years ago to put in their food storage. When I became a consultant I convinced them they needed to start using their foods, and get on the Q so they could start customizing the things they want, instead of buying it in a pre-determined package. My sister-in-law uses their Thrive all of the time now and is actually the one who gave me this recipe that I love so much.

Now that they have been on the Q, they wouldn’t go back to buying a large bulk package. They like being able to pick out the things they like and use. They also use their Q during sale months and like being able to pause on months that it just doesn’t fit into the budget. They started their Q budget at $100 to get the benefits of the Q-club, so even though they are not currently using their Q, whenever they get back on, they get the Q-club benefits, no matter the amount!

Thrive Life Q

This is my sister Cerissa. She is also ultra supportive like my parents and got on the Q initially to help me out. She quickly discovered that she loved the convenience of the chopped onions and bell peppers, and discovered that she had to hide the cans of fruit or her son would eat an entire #10 of strawberry slices in one sitting!

Cerissa also had a HUGE food storage supply already so she has used her Thrive for cooking and snacking. She uses her Q on an as-needed basis now, so when she runs out, she hops on and orders more of the things they love.

I want everyone to be happy with their Q and find things they love! It doesn’t matter if you are an Emily, Mel, Ryan, Jed, Nate, Cerissa, or none of the above. You will find the Q way that works perfectly for you and your family and Thrive will make your life better. I promise! If you want to fill an entire $200 Q with #10 cans of asparagus and mangoes. Well then, go right ahead. They are YOUR groceries. You get to do what you want! Thrive Life Q

From now through the end of April, I am offering 10% back in free food when you start your Q for the first time. So what does this mean? If you start a $100 Q, I will send you $10 of free product of your choice. If you start a $200 Q, I will send you $20 in free food of your choice. $300 Q, $30 of free food of your choice. Get it? It’s pretty simple.

Start your Q!
And get what works for you!

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