Thrive on the go and David Archuleta

Our trip to Idaho was filled with Thrive parties, and an amazing David Archuleta concert. I love this business. I can take it anywhere!

Thrive on the go

I love a lot of things about owning my own Thrive business:

I choose my own hours
There are no sales quotas
I earn commission on my own purchases
I can stay home with my boys and still earn money
My target market is anyone who eats…that’s a pretty great market

 I realized another great thing after traveling… Thrive can be shared ANYWHERE! We ended our family trip in Yellowstone National Park and I did a Thrive party with some park rangers. My point is, I love this business.

As a side-note, I also loved shoving those bags of Snackies pictured above back to my whining children in the car when the buffalo were getting few and far between and they were a little too cooped up in the car!

As a double sidenote, we started off our trip in Rexburg, ID so I could see David Archuleta in concert. Seriously, since I am in the business today of sharing things that will just make you happier, just know that your life will be approximately 180% better if you go to his concert. He is absolutely amazing!  I just might have to make another Thrive/David Archuleta road trip come December 3rd when he is back at BYU-I.

So the two takeaways for today’s post.
Having your own Thrive business is awesome.
Do whatever it takes to go to a David Archuleta concert. You will NOT be disappointed :).

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