Thrive Life Fruit Spotlight {Real Fruit Snacks}

Thrive fruits have changed the way we snack!

I would be embarrassed to tell you how many packages of nasty, sugar-filled fruit snack pouches I have fed to my boys over the years. That is why my very first product spotlight is on the FRUITS. I will never buy processed fruit snacks again because my kids love the nutrient-filled Thrive fruits when they snack. They feel like they are getting a treat, but they are actually just getting a healthy dose of fruits. That’s it! Click on the image below to watch the Real Fruit Snacks clip.

Fruit Snack Thumbnail 2

I also love to use the fruits for DIY oatmeal packets, and we LOVE the berries mixed in with greek yogurt. The fruits are also great in baked goods. And the great thing is all of the work is done for you! No peeling, chopping, or dicing. Just dump and go.

Here are more great Thrive Fruit recipe ideas!Shop Snackies

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Check out this link, Fresher than “Fresh” to learn how the natural taste and nutrition of the fruits are preserved during the freeze drying process.

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