Why direct sales are actually kind of awesome…

When you hear the words “direct sales” do you cringe? Or feel excited? I used to cringe and avoid any direct sales company or person involved in one. My opinion has changed though, and today I am going to tell you why! 

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Six reasons why ordering direct sales is actually kind of awesome…

Today is a serious discussion my friends. People get really heated when it comes to direct sales. They either love them or hate them. They either have their go-to Avon and DoTerra rep that they couldn’t live without, or avoid consultants at all costs. Today I am going to tell you why I think ordering direct sales kind of rocks. I went from being the ultimate hater, we are talking block anyone from my Facebook feed who even ONCE brought up what they consulted for, to happily representing that little green circle below.

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Just hear me out, OK? If you are a hater, open your mind to the possibility that maybe, just MAYBE you might actually kind of love a direct sales product if you tried it.

Reason #1

The BEST thing about direct sales is that you get your very own customer service representative. I just recently dealt with a 2-hour long customer service call that made me so grumpy and upset that I decided not to get my internet through that company…. (just sayin’ Centurylink). I would have loved to have my own personal Centurylink representative to call up, give my order to, and have it quickly taken care of. I get it. There are pushy, annoying, over-the-top consultants in direct sales companies, but it doesn’t take long to find a consultant who fits your personality. How nice is it to have a question and have someone respond quickly and efficiently? My customers text, e-mail me, or call, and I get back with them right away. I also keep them updated on all of the best deals and steals. For those reasons, great customer service steals spot #1.

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Reason #2

Direct sales are flexible. My business is home-based and I love it. No calling in sick. I choose my own schedule. Yes, I do parties and expos, and other Thrive Life events, but for the most part I get to stay home with my boys. I would not change that for the world. Do I like earning extra money? YES! So, I am willing to work for it, but in my own home. and on my own time. Direct sales are lead by you, the consultant. You choose how much and when you work, and ultimately how much you make. It’s all about the entrepreneurial income baby. So for all of those reasons, flexibility takes spot #2.

Reason #3 – Free vacation anyone? Of course you want a free vacation!

Most direct sales companies offer awesome incentives. I cannot attest to all direct sales companies, but every year Thrive offers an incentive trip. Last year was an all expense paid trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Honestly, it was heaven. Are vacations frivolous and unneeded? Absolutely not! They motivate you and help you build your business at the same time. I had to work hard to earn the trip, but it was doable. Every single person who wants to earn the trip each year absolutely can. We used that trip as our 10-year anniversary vacation. Without Thrive we would have never been able to afford a vacation. So because of things like this fantasy getaway, incentives steal spot #3 on my why direct sales are actually pretty awesome list.direct sales quote with beach background

Reason #4

Free food. I love free food. Most people love free food. One of the reasons Thrive Life had to be a direct sales company, in my opinion, is so people could taste the products. They are unbelievable. It is very rare that you get to try everything you want to buy at a grocery store before you buy it, but with direct sales you get that opportunity. When I do a Thrive Tasting, I love seeing the guests reaction to the food! Because of this, free food easily takes spot #4.

Reason #5

Because of reason #4, you will end up ordering. You just will. When a product is awesome and you fall in love with it, you are going to order. The great thing about direct sales is that you get benefits back on your order. You can’t go to a store and buy something, say a fridge, then go up to the checkout and say, “hey, if I tell my friend about this fridge and how much I like it, then they buy a fridge, can I have 10% back on this purchase?” The bored, teenage employee could care less if you get 10% back on your fridge. With Thrive, you get benefits back on your order when you share it with others. And I DO care if you get benefits back unlike the bored teenager. Whether that is just one friend that you share with and they order, or you host your own party, you get rewards for that! I think that is awesome. There is nothing better than getting a return on what you already spent, so for that reason, it snags spot #5.

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Reason #6

Another reason I gave up hating on direct sales is that everyone deserves to try to make some extra money. If there is a product you have been wanting to try, but have held back because it’s from a direct sales company, what does it hurt to order from a consultant and give them a kickback on that? Everyone is out there trying to make it financially, and it’s not easy!  When you order, you get the product you love (because let’s be honest most direct sales companies have some killer products) and the consultant makes a buck. It’s a win-win in my book.

So go out there and stop avoiding that friend that just became a consultant for something. You never know, you might be like me and find a company like Thrive Life that you love so much you can’t pass up the opportunity to consult for.

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