Why Freeze-Dried

Why are freeze-dried foods so great?

Freeze-dried foods are healthy

“It’s obvious that eating THRIVE is better for you than chowing down on processed or fast food. But have you thought about how THRIVE stacks up against the grocery store? THRIVE foods typically keep their fresh taste and nutrients better than their produce aisle counterparts, and they aren’t full of harmful additives and preservatives.”

Honestly, that right there is THE reason I started buying Thrive. We try to not include a lot of added sugars into our boys’ diets and the Thrive fruits have ZERO added anything. What you see is what you get. We snack on the fruit like candy, and the Snackies, don’t even get me started on how much I love those. The flyer below is my favorite Thrive handout. Check out the Fresher than “Fresh” links to see even more great health and nutritional information. Flyer--Fresher-than-Fresh-thm

Fresher than “Fresh”

“If you don’t think freeze dried foods compare to fresh, think again! The natural taste and nutrition of our foods are preserved during the freeze drying process. While fresh foods start losing flavor and nutrients the moment they’re picked, THRIVE stays healthy and fresh-tasting for years to come. Take a look at the journey your “fresh” food takes from farm to fork compared to THRIVE—you might be surprised at what you find!”

There are SO many reasons to love freeze-dried. Check out the links below for more great information:
Freeze-dried foods are long lasting
Thrive Life freeze-dried foods are convenient
Thrive Life freeze-dried foods are tasty
Thrive Life freeze-dried foods are versatile
Thrive Life freeze-dried foods are cost efficient
Thrive Life freeze-dried foods are quality

Freeze-Dried Provides Peace of Mind

Prepared Mountain Poster

Each family situation is different, but my personal belief is that everyone who is able should try to build a 3-month supply of foods that they would ACTUALLY eat in a crisis. I am not talking doomsday, or end-of-the-world prep. I am talking about being prepared for everyday situations that countless people encounter like: job loss, power outage, storms, or natural disaster.

The important key, is storing foods that you eat now. Before I started doing Thrive the only things I had in my long-term food storage supply were pinto beans and wheat. We could probably survive off that for a while, but not happily. That is why I started buying Thrive. I wanted fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meats. Things that my family eats now.

Thrive provides options for every family size.Click the picture for long-term food storage options.

Once you decide what is best for your family, whether that is building up your supply with the Q program, or buying a package that suits your needs, there are a few simple things that will keep your Thrive foods in top-notch condition.

Rotate and cook with your foods. Learn how to use them now! Keeping your foods rotated will ensure the best quality every time you open a can. Once you open a can you still have a year to use it, but if you live in a humid climate keep these moisture absorbers on hand to keep your foods fresh-tasting.

 Prepare now. Have peace of mind later.

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